How To Beat Kraven The Hunter Easily ? | Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

You can switch between playing Peter Parker and Miles Morales as you move through the story in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Two Spider-Men means double the crime-fighting pleasure, but some enemies may hinder progress.

Kraven the Hunter, who plays a key part in Spider-Man 2, is one of these enemies. If you’re looking how to beat Kraven the Hunter, then you’re at right place.

How to Beat Kraven the Hunter in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2?

One of the key villains in Spider-Man 2 that you’ll have to deal with several times is Kraven. However, one single clash can be hard to handle, therefore it’s important to use the proper tactic. So, let see how to beat Kraven the Hunter?

During the mission “Anything Can Be Broken,” Kraven the Hunter will be your boss. Throughout the game’s story, this is your main fight with him. You need to eliminate both of his health bars in order to defeat him.

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Phase 1

Kraven is a highly powerful opponent due to his quick movement. In the initial phase, you must fight Kraven with your fists. Along with other Hunters, he’ll be able to order aerial strikes. These aerial strikes come at the arena’s edge, so stay in the centre.

How To Beat Kraven The Hunter
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In the first phase, he’ll have a limited move set, only fighting with his fists. His final attack is a leaping punch, in which he dives into you while swinging his hands. This is a powerful attack, so utilise the yellow circles that show up around the hunter’s head to predict where he’ll land his punch, as they turn red when he’s about to hit you.

In Phase one countering him is simple; all you need to do is parry his fists. Because his fists stun you and deliver a lot of damage, you must take care to avoid being struck by them. He is extremely vulnerable to your symbiote powers, which is why you have to use them to fight him.

Phase 2

How To Beat Kraven The Hunter

Phase two will begin after you removed his first health and take place in a much larger arena. Kraven can use his invisibility, and Hunter support will be much more powerful, thus things will become complicated. In addition, air strikes will be far more accurate and capable of hitting you directly.

Kraven will use a two-handed axe and swing it spinning instead of just using his fists. When it reaches the third swing, he charges to a dive attack with a long pause.

You must block this attack. Kraven will also attempt to hit you from a distance with a spear, although he is most vulnerable at this point. By pressing L1+R1 to fire a barrel at him and stun him, you can attack and take his weapon away.

Kraven can now also use a powerful sniper rifle, climb trees, and call dogs, but that’s not all. Before he can use his weapon to shoot you, you must escape his line of sight and charge him.

In order to focus on defeating Kraven, it’s important that you get away from this dogs as quickly as possible.

Finally, the last scenario is here. You will be surprised if Kraven fires his spear at the bell in the middle of the arena since it will render all of your symbiote powers useless.

As the primary source of damage to Kraven, your symbiote powers must be dealt with. You must launch your webs as soon as the bell starts to ring in order to silence it.

You’ll start using your symbiote powers right away to battle Kraven. Kraven the Hunter can be defeated quickly if you can avoid his attacks and find a chance to sneak in some damage.

That’s all there is you to know about How To Beat Kraven The Hunter in Marvel’s Spider Man-2.

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