Eiichiro Oda Net Worth 2023 | Where He Spend His Money?

In this Article, I tell you Eiichiro Oda Net Worth in 2023 and where he spend his money. Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, is the wealthiest manga artist in the world and has an eye for crazy things. The creator reportedly earns the highest income of any manga artist worldwide. Oda is a polite and grounded person despite his wealth. He also went to multiple tournaments as a huge sumo wrestling fan.

Eiichiro Oda Net Worth in 2023

So what is Eiichiro Oda Net Worth? Based on my research, Eiichiro Oda’s estimated net worth is $230 million. The main source of Eiichiro Oda’s wealth is the work he has done as a Japanese manga artist.

NameEiichiro Oda
Net Worth(2023)$230 Million Dollars
ProfessionJapanese Manga Artist
Date of Birth1 January 1975
Age48 years old
Height183 cm (6 feet 1 inches)
Weight86 kg (189 lbs)
Birth placeKumamoto, Japan
Eiichiro Oda Net Worth and Info

Eiichiro Oda Net Worth
One Piece Anime

Oda is well-known for giving everything to the Straw Hat crew, and he appears to enjoy every second of his time with the main character of One Piece, Monkey D. Luffy. He has become very rich thanks to the success of One Piece, one of the best-selling manga series ever. According to Baka Furi (via Kotaku), Oda hopes to make about 3.1 billion yen annually. This figure, includes Oda’s earnings from royalties, licensing, advertising, and other sources, which is an astounding $26 million in US dollars.

Where He Spend His Money?

Due to his schedule, Eiichiro Oda would not be able to take a long holiday away from his workplace. Thus, Eiichiro Oda spent his net worth on some amazing items to adorn his workspace. Oda claims that he spends money on “ridiculous things,” like bathtub shaped like a dragon and a shark, as well as a life-size giraffe statue, a huge skeleton, and a Terminator robot replica. Besides of his artwork, Oda is the owner of a private island in Japan that he uses for vacations. He also enjoys the music of ONE OK ROCK, a Japanese rock band.

Where Eiichiro Oda Net Worth Gone

When Did He Start His Own One Piece Journey

Eiichiro Oda Net Worth

Oda’s career as a mangaka started in 1992 when he entered the famous Tezuka Award with his one-shot manga “Wanted!” Even though he was not successful, his work grabbed the attention of professionals in industry. Then, in July 1997, Eiichiro Oda started creating the One Piece manga series for Weekly Shonen Jump magazine and now 103 volumes of the manga series have been collected, and Eiichiro Oda plans to wrap up the series in three years.


Who is the richest mangaka in the world?

Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, is the richest mangaka in the world, with estimated net worth of $200 million.

What is the budget for One Piece?

One Piece Live-Action’s first season contains eight episodes, with an overall budget of around $138 million.

Does Oda only sleep 3 hours?

Oda sleeps for three hours a day on average, because he is too busy to sleep for a long period of time. Only the day after he finishes his weekly drawing can he sleep as much as he wishes. But as he grows older, he finds it harder to sleep.

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