One Piece: Is Rocks Really Died On God Valley Incident?

The One Piece world is full of awesome mysteries, and one of the biggest to be revealed over the years has to do with a famous pirate named Rocks. Rocks was originally introduced to fans between Acts 2 and 3 of the Wano arc. This introduction was done through the persona of Sengoku, and it was immediately clear that this pirate was not the average one. That’s the reason there is question raised in fans Is Rocks Really Died?

Actually, fans were surprised to learn that this pirate could have set an entirely new standard for all others in the One Piece world, yet fans knew very little about him. It was strongly mentioned that Rocks died during God Valley Incident, but no visual confirmation of this was ever given, leaving fans to doubt if this truly was the case.

Who Is Rocks D.Xebec?

Rocks was a famous pirate from the One Piece world, who lived many decades ago. He was one of the most powerful entities on the seas about 40 years ago, at the height of his powers. Rocks was extraordinarily powerful, and his ability was such that few were able to fight with him in battle.

One Piece: Is Rocks Really Died On God Valley Incident?

Also, Rocks ruled the entire seas by himself, and to put it into perspective, the seas that Rocks ruled solo are now controlled by Four Emperors. That is not a proof that Rocks was as strong as Yonko combined, but it proves that his power and authority were far stronger.

Rocks led the crew of Rocks Pirates. This pirate crew was extraordinarily powerful, with some of the most ridiculously powerful members. In reality, these pirates were among the most powerful people that fans had ever seen in One Piece, with many of them continuing to establish eras of their own in the future.

The Rocks Pirates’ famous members are Edward Newgate, later known as Whitebeard, Charlotte Linlin, who took the name Big Mom, Shiki, the Flying Pirate, Kaido, the future strongest creature, Gloriosa, who also known as Elder Nyon, Captain John, and even Ochoku.

Rocks D.Xebec Fate

As said before, fans know very little about Rocks’ life. Fans only know that he was an extremely strong character in the One Piece world and that he had a role in an important incident 38 years ago. This was the God Valley Incident, as many fans are already know.

The Native Hunting Sports were held on an island off the coast of West Blue 38 years ago. Essentially, these games ensured that Celestial Dragons switched the entire population of a separate island into targets. Then, they held a game to totally wipe the island of its people, with the winner getting rewards in the type of powerful Devil Fruits.

One Piece: Is Rocks Really Died On God Valley Incident?

This information was leaked by the Jinny all around the world, attracting some powerful pirates to the island, including the Rocks Pirates. When the Rocks Pirates landed on the island, the Roger Pirates were well aware of their activities and Roger had his own challenge with Rocks. Garp headed to God Valley as well, knowing Roger would be there.

Also, other powerful pirates from all over the world gathered in God Valley, and the battle turned into a devastating event, the traces of which have been completely wiped from history.

Fans are not sure what happened on the God Valley that day, but according to Sengoku, Rocks was killed by Roger and Garp and died on that day. But fans were not around to see it, and there are clearly serious doubts about whether he died or not.

Is Rocks Really Died On God Valley Incident?

The most puzzling things about Rocks’ story is how it continues to be kept secret. Rocks’ story wouldn’t have needed to be kept hidden if he had just died in God Valley 38 years ago. For instance, even 5 years after the character Rocks first appeared in the manga, fans have never seen his face.

In fact, until One Piece chapter 1096, not a single line of conversation from this character appeared in One Piece, and fans only recently witnessed him issue his first command to his crew. Also, Rocks’ battle with Roger and Garp was simply ignored.

When Oda wants to skip a fight, viewers usually get to see the first clash and then the rest of the fight is totally passed over to the afterwards. Oda, unexpectedly picked a very different method here, without letting fans to see the character Rocks’ face or any fight in which he was engaged. Also, no one other than Sengoku has ever talked about the death of a character known as Rocks.

Sengoku is the only proof that this character died, but as a Marine, it may not be in the best interests for everyone to reveal this information, or, worse, because he wasn’t even there, he may have been lied to by the higher authority.

Big Mom, in Wano, said that Rocks fell into God Valley 38 years ago, but it’s obvious given what little fans know about her activities there that she was unaware of Rocks’ whereabouts. After the battle, she went looking for Kaido but failed to locate Rocks anywhere. She had stolen Kaido Devil Fruit and given it to him. It’s possible that Big Mom heard news of Rocks defeat from another person and went her own way. When everything is said and finished, it is obvious that neither Rocks’s defeat nor his death in One Piece were ever confirmed.

It is quite possible that rocks survived the God Valley Incident. He had other choices to escape or survival even if he became prey to Garp and Roger’s combined strength. Or other than having grand plans for this character in the future, there is literally no reason why Oda ought not to reveal this character, or at least show him in the manga.

Moreover, it’s likely that 38 years ago, on God Valley island, Rocks actually achieved his goal. Fans are aware that two strong Devil Fruits were awarded as reward for the event held in God Valley. But it was obvious in the last chapter that the Celestial Dragons were surrounded by plenty of Devil Fruit boxes.

This shows that there were more than two Devil Fruit rewards, and it’s possible that he was able to get the one devil fruit he desired. So, fans won’t learn more about Rocks’s death until Oda shares more details regarding this bizarre incident.

Final Words

So Is Rocks really died on God Valley Incident? According to Sengoku, Rocks was killed by Roger and Garp and died on that day. But, this may a false information which have been given to him by Higher-Authority, Because he wasn’t there to witness it. And there is only one person alive in One Piece who know the truth about this Incident and that is Garp. So we have to wait until Oda sheds more light on this bizarre incident.

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