Jujutsu Kaisen | Are Choso and Yuji actually siblings?

The highly anticipated fight between Yuji and Choso is featured on the most recent episode of Jujutsu Kaisen. The fight is without a doubt the arc’s best moment. Fans are already talking about the incredible animation and focus put on detail.

Choso is obviously uninterested in Gojo, but he has a personal grudge against Yuji. Despite his strength, Yuji is easily defeated by Choso’s Blood Manipulation technique, which is the Kamo Clan’s inherent technique.

Jujutsu Kaisen | Are Choso and Yuji actually siblings?

As the battle nears its finish, Choso gets a vision of himself and his brothers having a good time—but, surprisingly, Yuji is one of them. Does that mean that despite coming from different backgrounds, Choso and Yuji are actually siblings.

Is it possible that Choso and Yuji are related?

Choso cannot be classified as either a curse or a human while Yuji is a human and Choso is a reborn Cursed Womb: Death Painting. They are both technically half-brothers despite how different they are from each other. Choso and his siblings were born several centuries ago when Kenjaku was in Noritoshi Kamo’s body and used Choso’s mother as a birthing tool.

Years later, for an unknown reason, Kenjaku possessed Kaori Itadori and gave birth to Yuji. Therefore, even though Choso and Yuji aren’t biologically related, it’s okay to think of them as brothers. As the oldest brother, Choso values each of his siblings, and JJK’s main character is no different.

He was prepared to murder Yuji in order to take revenge on Eso and Kechizu, but after viewing that false memory, he changed his mind. Choso has been quite supportive of Yuji since then and has been very protective of him. In the manga, he switched allegiances and sided with Yuji because he was the last surviving sibling.

Also, Choso stopped feeling Yuji responsible for the Eso and Kechizu’s deaths. Instead, he places the guilt on himself because he chose to help Kenjaku after they died. Because of his poor decisions, he fears that Yuji would also be left behind like his younger brothers.

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