Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 | Fans missing “Spider-Cube” Bug After Latest Update

The latest update of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 brings some major enhancements to the game. The main change is Insomniac replacing the incorrectly placed Cuban flag on Morales’ home with the correct Puerto Rican flag.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 | Fans missing "Spider-Cube" Bug After Latest Update

Another major update in Version 1.001.003 is a bug fix. Since the game’s release, fans have been confused by a strange glitch that replaced Spider-Man’s character model with a tiny white cube. Some fans are missing the loss of “Spider-cube” after the glitch was fixed.

Fans hope to see Spider-Cube return as an unlocked outfit

Insomniac mentions in its update notes that it “Addressed an issue where graphics would not load fully after long gameplay,” yet it makes no mention of the cube bug explicitly. Players have verified that Peter and Miles no longer transform into cubes since the update.

Players who thought “Spider-cube” was amusing have been disappointed by this, and others have gone to reddit to express their sadness.

Although Spider-cube is no longer with us, but it will always be remembered due to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 fans and social media.

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