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One Piece chapter 1097 is getting close, and spoilers and leaks for the chapters have already begun to circulate. As promised, this chapter continues Kuma’s wonderful flashback that has been going on for quite some time. This flashback has been nothing short of impressive, and in this chapter, fans get the chance to see a lot more about Kuma’s youth and early adulthood.

One Piece Chapter 1097 Preview | Dragon Past Explained

One Piece Chapter 1097 Preview

The Revolutionary Army is also introduced in One Piece chapter 1097, which has fans excited because it means that characters like Dragon and Ivankov will be on the move as well. Although, this chapter adds a lot of depth to Kuma’s biography while also providing readers with insight into the birth of one of the most powerful organizations of all time.

Life of Kuma and Jinny in Sorbent Kingdom

As expected, Kuma’s flashback will have several timeskips, and One Piece chapter 1097 has one as well. In this chapter, fans got the chance to see Kuma and Ginny continue their amazing work from the previous chapter and successfully build a better life for themselves. Kuma appears to have become a priest and is doing really well for himself. His purpose appears to be to serve everyone around him and to live an ordinary life. Kuma is inspired by the legendary story of Nika and wishes to be more like him.

One Piece Chapter 1097 Preview | Dragon Past Explained

Meanwhile, Ginny has grown mature, and she often appears to be old people’s camps, criticizing them for being ungrateful. Ginny appears to have a lot of lovers, but she only has eyes for Kuma, whom she loves. In reality, Ginny brings up the topic of marriage to Kuma later in the chapter, but he rejects it, explaining that he doesn’t want Ginny to suffer the same fate as his parents. Of course, this isn’t a sign that Kuma doesn’t love her. He surely does, but he doesn’t want her to die at such a young age.

Kuma also appears to have improved his Devil Fruit usage in this chapter. Using his abilities, he appears to be continuously healing old people and removing suffering from their bodies. However, in a highly unexpected turn of events, Kuma resolves to take their suffering in his own body. If he doesn’t do it, their suffering will return to them, and he just cannot allow that happen. This terrifies Ginny, but it makes Kuma satisfied because it allows him to help those around him by using his liberation hands.

The Evil Ruler Of Sorbet Kingdom

One Piece Chapter 1097 also discusses the concept of the evil King of Sorbent Kingdom. There was a very evil king in the Sorbet kingdom, and for the longest time, people mistakenly believed that king to be Kuma. Later on, it appears that Kuma is the target of some sort of propaganda, and he is made to take charge of the evil king Bekori.

Fans learned that this King turns out to be cruel in the chapter. He enjoys torturing people, and to make people’s lives even more awful, he introduces new taxes. Also, he even gets to hear about people being angry with him, which seems to make him strangely happier.

For those who have the money to pay their taxes, the wealthy and probably the young live in the northern half of the Sorbent Kingdom. The elderly and poor who are unable to pay their taxes are meant to live in the southern half. In the end, he intended to turn these people into dying ground. This frustrates Kuma, though, he launches an attack with Ursus Shock; eventually, Kuma, Ginny, and their friends manage to get themselves into prison.

Story of Dragon and Formation of Freedom Fighter

Dragon, the leader of the Revolutionary Army, is a major character in One Piece after chapter 1097. Fans have a proper look at Dragon and the history of the Revolutionary Army in One Piece chapter 1097. Of course, during this time, the Revolutionary Army was known as the Freedom Fighters. Kuma and Ivankov created a group that would become the Freedom Fighters. This successfully establishes Ivankov as Dragon’s real right-hand man.

They travel around liberating people, but they don’t have the resources to set up an official organization. Kuma looks at Dragon to be a really cool guy and is a huge fan of his. Eventually, the Freedom Fighters arrive in Sorbet Kingdom and save Kuma, Ginny, and all of their other friends.

One Piece Chapter 1097 Preview | Dragon Past Explained

Ginny and Kuma eventually join in the revolutionary army. Kuma is one of the three primary creators of the army, and Ginny becomes the commander of the East section, this post currently held by Belo Betty. As the Freedom Fighters have by now turned into the Revolutionary Army, Kuma’s initial involvement in this group is what immediately gave rise to the army. Also, fans learn a great deal about the background of Monkey D. Dragon. Dragon was a Marine officer before he decided to give up because he didn’t think justice could be found there. For this reason, he eventually made the decision to seek his own justice and created his own army.

Ginny’s Fate

The conclusion of One Piece chapter 1097, which is quite brief, sees Ginny suffer a terrible fate. It comes out that she was kidnapped in some way, and the fans are confused about what happened. The news of the kidnapping reaches the Revolutionary Army Headquarters, and it appears that an unexpected but also well-known face is to blame. Although they aren’t mentioned in One Piece chapter 1097, it’s probable that they will be the topic of the next chapter.

This may explain why Ginny hasn’t made any appearances in the main story at all. While some might argue that Ginny has passed away and something happened to her here, that is probably not going to happen. This is due to the fact that Kuma and Ginny’s relationship needs to develop further and Bonney has not yet been born. Ginny may pass away in the future, but that time has not yet arrived.

Luckily, there won’t be a break next week, so fans can eagerly await One Piece’s upcoming chapter, which picks up Kuma’s story.

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