One Piece: The Return Of Shanks With Emotional Scene

After the end of the Wano Country arc, One Piece is now starting to set the stage for the anime’s future, and an emotional scene for Luffy in the anime which mentioning the return of shanks to the series! The anime adaptation of One Piece is currently focusing on the last moments of Wano Country, as it has become obvious from the Marines news that the sea had fallen into chaos while Luffy and the others were stranded in Wano’s lands fighting their battle with Kaido and Big Mom.

One Piece: The Return Of Shanks With Emotional Scene

Now that Luffy has been appointed a new Emperor of the Sea, One Piece is putting out the effort to fill in all the blanks on what happened while he and the others were battling Kaido. As a result, some pretty big names have shown an interest in the anime. In an emotional scene, Shanks returns to the anime to react, recalling how he first met Luffy as a child and how he leave him behind a long time ago.

Reason Behind The Return Of Shanks

News of Luffy’s victory spreads across the seas in One Piece Episode 1081, but it quickly becomes clear that this is not the only major crisis as a result of the Reverie has caused some major changes in power as the population grows increasingly uneasy. Shanks’ crew appears to feel the same way, as they all look excited to get reunited with Luffy after seeing how powerful a pirate he has become on his own. Shanks gets emotional flashbacks to his time spent with Luffy.

Fans can watch new takes on some of the best scenes between Luffy and Shanks from the early episodes of One Piece here, along with all-new stuff that shows how Shanks stole the Gum-Gum Fruit from a marine ship before Luffy got his hands on it. He starts thinking of the past, but instead reunited with luffy he choose something else. He said the final words in the episode to Ben Beckmen “Let’s claim the One Piece”.

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