Alohomora Hogwarts Legacy: How to use Alohomora spell 2023

Alohomora is required to unlock in Hogwarts Legacy since it allows you to pick locks around Hogwarts and its surroundings. Therefore, In this guide I will tell you how to use alohomora spell in Hogwarts Legacy.

Many frustrating locks that you can’t unlock will be pushed in your face early in Hogwarts Legacy, but you’ll eventually master Alohomora as part of the main tale.

Alohomora Hogwarts Legacy: How to use Alohomora Spell
Image Credit: Avalanche Software/Warner Bros. Games

How to Use Alohomora in Hogwarts Legacy?

To use Alohomora spell in Hogwarts Legacy, you must first complete the main story quest “The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament,” which can take anywhere between three and five hours depending on how quickly you go through the objectives.

When this objective is completed, proceed to Gladwin Moon, the caretaker, beside the Grand Staircase’s floo flame to begin the quest. Throughout the adventure, you will be entrusted with discovering Demiguise moons and removing the statues for him because he is terrified of them. He’ll teach you how to use Alohomora so that you can get into the faculty tower and gather some Demiguise moons.

How To Pick Locks in Hogwarts Legacy?

Alohomora Hogwarts Legacy: How to use Alohomora Spell
Image Credit: Avalanche Software/Warner Bros. Games

Unlocking a lock in Hogwarts Legacy is similar to the lockpicking minigame found in most RPGs. Rotate the green and red lights until their corresponding gears begin to spin, which will indicate that the lights are in the correct position. The green light, which corresponds to the bottom right gear, is contained within the outer green ring. The inner red ring, on the other hand, holds the red light that corresponds to the inner gear.

To finish the lockpicking minigame quickly, remember that the correct spot for the lights can only be at the cardinal and intercardinal positions, or every 45 degrees. Don’t waste time examining the gaps between lights; instead, rotate them to these positions. View the graphic below to view the potential light positions.

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How To Unlock Level Two and Level Three Locks in Hogwarts Legacy?

Alohomora Hogwarts Legacy: How to use Alohomora Spell
Image Credit: Avalanche Software/Warner Bros. Games

Learning Alohomora is sufficient to open doors with level one locks. But, to open level two and three locks. You must find Demiguise statues and collect more Demiguise moons.

Piece of advice: Demiguise moons can only be seen at night, so make sure you adjust your search to discover them at night.

Here’s how many Demiguise moons you’ll need to find to unlock the level two and three locks.

  • Level 2: Gather nine Demiguise moons.
  • Level 3: Gather 13 Demiguise moons.

If you want to save time, check out this Demiguise statues guide, which includes spots where you may acquire Demiguise moons.

FAQ’s Related to Alohomora Hogwarts Legacy

What are the best spells to unlock in Hogwarts Legacy?

Avada Kedavra, Confringo, Imperio, Crucio, Depulso, Flipendo, Diffindo, Accio, Descendo, and Transfiguration are the most powerful spells in Hogwarts Legacy. If you select these powerful Hogwarts Legacy Talents, you can buff all of these spells, causing even more havoc.

How do you upgrade Alohomora in Hogwarts Legacy?

Demiguise Statues And Demiguise Moons Are Required For Alohomora Upgrades. In Hogwarts Legacy, collect Demiguise Moons to level up your Alohomora spell. In Hogwarts Legacy, the Alohomora is a crucial gameplay feature rather than a spell. You can use it to open doors and chests.

How do you get the unlock spell in Hogwarts Legacy?

You must finish The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament quest in Hogwarts Legacy to learn the Alohomora spell. This is a main story objective, so you can’t miss it, yet it appears fairly late in the game.


In this Guide, we walk you through how to use alohomora spell in Hogwarts Legacy. Alohomora is a key spell which you must learn in Hogwarts Legacy to unlock the doors and further explore the game.

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