How to watch NYCC Dragon Ball Special panel: Streams, Dragon Ball Magic, Budokai 4, more

How to watch NYCC Dragon Ball Special panel

Get ready for an exciting reveal at this year’s New York Comic-Con! Expect a new addition in the Dragon Ball universe titled “Dragon Ball Magic.” Here’s how you can be part of this excitement.

On October 12, New York Comic Con will be your gateway to the Dragon Ball universe, with a huge panel. Prepare for a “mysterious” teaser that promises exciting developments in the series.

Fans are in for a surprise among the excitement over an upcoming streaming anime titled “Dragon Ball Magic” and the great anticipation for the next fighting game, Budokai Tenkaichi 4.

If you are unable to attend the New York Comic Con in person, this is how you can participate from anywhere.

How to stream Dragon Ball panel at New York Comic Con

Mark your calendars for October 12 at 12:45 pm EST/9:45 am PST for this panel. The event is expected to run for approximately one hour.

According to New York Comic Con, the event will be streamed live and on-demand via Popverse.

However, YouTubers such as insider Geekdom101, who released information about Dragon Ball Magic, will also be live streaming the event.

According to leaks, “Dragon Ball Magic” would have an intriguing plot in which Goku and Kaishin are changed into kids by a demonic entity, requiring them to work together in their quest to reclaim their adult bodies. The series will not be a retelling of GT, but will allegedly have some of its elements.

New info on Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 4 is also expected, especially as the game is said to have a massive roster and new gameplay elements.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that Dragon Ball Super will be returning anytime soon, so anyone hoping for a return of the DBS anime should prepare to be disappointed. Having said that, hopefully Magic can fill the void till the series returns.

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