10 Best Anime Like  Dark Gathering

It tells the story of a boy who moves to a new school and gets sucked into a mystery related to a strange girl and a number of terrible murders.


The story focuses on Natsume Takashi, a young boy who has yokai vision. Yokai are one of the many types of spirits found in Japanese folklore.

Natsume’s Book Of Friends

Fans of any ages and mindsets are going to enjoy the lively mood, richness of drama and mystery in this well-known series.

Digimon: Ghost Game

This anime's main character has a special ability that allows her to see ghosts and other visions in the real world. She finds this to be absolutely terrifying, but she tries to ignore them and carry on with her life.


Hourarou Oreki, a lazy high school student, is the focus of the Hyouka story. Hourarou has a life motto "If I don't have to do it, I won't" and If I have to, I'll finish it quickly.


In this anime, every time someone dies, they wind up in a bar. The line that divides life from death is denoted by these bars. They must participate in Death Games, which will decide their soul's fate, before they can move on.

Death Parade

This anthology series is an example of how an umbrella name has been used over the years to help tell a number of unrelated scary and mystery stories.

Paranoia Agent

The story focused on Yukiteru Amano, a young man who keeps a journal of almost everything he does. He is forced into a "survival game" in which the winner will become the new God.

Future Diary

With good reason, Death Note has been hailed as one of the best stories ever told in the mystery anime genre, making it a true crown jewel.

Death Note

The MC is a High Schooler, he must use his ability to summon strong constructs known as Personas in order to solve the mystery of why humans are dying when a mysterious fog emerges and who might be responsible.

Persona 4: The Animation

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