This encounter was important to showing Zoro's development as a swordsman, as he learnt to cut steel using sheer will and determination.

Defeating Mr. 1 in Alabasta

Zoro comes upon a cursed sword named "Sandai Kitetsu" in the "Lougetown Arc", forged by Oden's father, Kozuki Sukiyaki.

Zoro chooses "Sandai Kitetsu"

Zoro's dedication and strength were on full display as he battled with Ohm, a priest, with a strong Iron Cloud Strick.

Zoro vs. Ohm on Skypiea

In the "Enies Lobby Arc," Zoro is beaten by CP9 agent Kaku. However, just as Kaku releases his most powerful attack, then zoro counters it with his nine-sword style, Asura.

Zoro First Time Using "Asura"

Zoro sacrifies his life to save Luffy during the thriller Bark Arc. It highlight the crew member close bonds and zoro's unwavering loyalty to Luffy.

Nothing Happend Moment

Zoro's ability to cut off Pica's gigantic stone body and his part in defending the people of Dressrosa should not be underestimated.

Defeating Pica in Dressrosa

Although Zoro would never fight a woman on purpose, but he isn't as foolishly chivalrous as Sanji. Zoro ultimately decides to fight Monet after seeing Tashigi in trouble.

The moment Zoro fights Monet