After ten long years, the Attack on Titan anime has finally come to an end, and the last episode showed Pieck Finger's true abilities as the Cart Titan!

Since her first introduction, Pieck has proven to be one of the Titans who seemed like better suited for non-combat roles.

But as the show went on to feature more of Marley's fighters and their viewpoints, Pieck quickly grew to prominence as a major fan favorite by helping in ending the war with Eren Yeager.

The entire conflict between Eren and humanity was shown in Attack on Titan: Final episode, and the people who still possessed Titan abilities played a critical role in defeating Eren.

When it appeared that Pieck was pinned down and unable to move early on, she demonstrated her true skill by revealing that she's a lot more stealthy and tough than any of the other titan gave her credit for since she was set up as a storage and transport Titan.

Pieck had a solid performance from the start because, while Mikasa, Armin, Jean, and the others seemed uneasy to knock out Eren, Pieck went straight for Eren's weak point because she isn't bound by the same relations to him.

But she's quickly got stabbed by the War Hammer Titan, and it almost appears that she's gone for good. That is, until she let go of the titan form and quickly reactivated it before being attacked in her vulnerable state.

Pieck describes that because the Cart Titan's endurance, it allows her to transform multiple times as she needs to keep her self safe and utilize pressure.

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