Is Scott Pilgrim Really Dead In ‘Scott Pilgrim Takes Off’?

Is Scott Pilgrim still alive? If you stay here, you'll quickly figure it out. Ramona looks at Matthew in anger at the end of the first episode.

"I won!" Matthew shouts, grasping Ramona's hand. She walks away from him, perhaps hoping to avenge her fallen boyfriend. "Guys? "Did anyone record the fight?" As the crowd shrinks Matthew says.

Knives Chau, Scott's girlfriend whom he was about to dump for Ramona, regains consciousness after passing out while on the duel. "Where has everyone gone?" "Is the show over?"

As she asks questions to no one in particular, a bartender explains casually. "There was no show, the bassist was punched to death".

Knives reacts seriously to the news, as expected. "Did you say punched to death?" "To death?" she asks, before yelling, "nooo!"

The next scene cuts to Scott's funeral, where his ex, Envy Adams, performs an electronic rendition by Sarah McLachlan of "I Will Remember You."

As the episode goes on, the League of Evil Exes assembles and reveals their vendetta in Ramona's honor. They mingle and clash before the scene returns to Ramona.

Ready for bed, Ramona thinks back to her first date with Scott. She is suddenly transported to a dream world similar to Scott's in the first episode. When Ramona awakens, she responds, "He's alive!"

We'll just say this: Scott Pilgrim is alive. However, there will be a lot more twists in the series. So, just relax and see what happens next.