Jujutsu Kaisen: Who is Maharoga and What is its Abilities

Maharoga is a powerfull Shikigami which is sommoned by Megumi through an exorcism ritual. Because Mahoraga is so powerful, no one in Zenin Clan history was ever able to tame it.

The ability to evolve and adapt in the heat of battle is Mahoraga's distinctive ability. This is visually represented by the wheel on its head.

It can adapt to plenty of offensive and defensive situations. This provides it an edge over all opponents, regardless of how formidable they might seem at first.

Mahoraga is incredibly strong physically. Its powerful physical attacks enable it to subdue opponents thanks to its superior physique.

Also, it uses a special Sword of Termination in battle. Positive energy pulses from this sword, making it incredibly deadly against curses and spirits under a curse.

Mahoraga has the ability to change the sword's characteristics and when it physical prowess combined with this weapon it enable to launch devastating attacks.

In the Shibuya Incident arc, Mahoraga's powers were fully revealed in a battle with Sukuna which put to the ultimate test of it's powers against the strongest foe.