Netflix will soon be getting a new animated series based on the famous "Terminator" franchise. 

The streamer announced the news as a part of their Geeked Week marketing campaign. "Terminator: The Anime Series" is the working title.

"2022: A never-ending army of machines and the few human survivors have been engaged in a war for decades.

The anime official synopsis:

 In 1997: the AI known as Skynet started to wage war on humans after developing self-awareness.

A soldier sent back in time to alter the fate of human history finds himself caught between the past and the future.

She shows up in 1997 to protect Malcolm Lee, a scientist working on launching a new artificial intelligence system to stop Skynet's looming attack on humanity.

Malcolm is being pursued by a relentless assassin from the future who changes the fate of his three children's lives forever while he works through the moral difficulties of his creation.

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