Now that One Piece volume 107 is here, it's time for a brand-new SBS part. As usual, there are plenty of interesting details in the SBS section from the story.

One specific detail that Oda revealed is related to a powerful Devil Fruit that was seen in the One Piece world but hadn't yet been given a name.

Oda in the end of One Piece SBS volume 107, revealed the Devil Fruit name for the Paramecia power that Bonney holds. This fruit came out to be the Toshi Toshi no Mi, which highly refers to the Age Age Fruit.

Toshi Toshi no Mi possesses various impressive abilities. The basic function of this Devil Fruit is the capacity to alter people's ages, which fans have witnessed in action multiple times.

The Powers Of Toshi Toshi no Mi

Bonney can quickly alter a person's age to anything she wishes. This aging process can effect everyone, including living and inanimate objects. However, it must be observed that the effects of this Devil Fruit on living things are just temporary.

Another ability of the Toshi Toshi no Mi is Distortion Future. This is an extraordinary ability that allows Bonney to transform into another version of herself from a different timeline. When she uses her power on herself, she transforms into a giant muscular woman.

Bonny also possesses the ability called Age Thrust. This ability is extremely dangerous because Bonney does not need to make contact with her prey in order to alter their ages.

Bonney can also make use of the Toshi Toshi no mi's powers on inanimate objects. This happens through a technique called as Oil Shock. In short, this is similar to how Shinobu's Devil Fruit works.

Another unique ability given to Bonney by the Toshi Toshi no Mi is NDE, or Near Death Experience. This skill, as the name suggests, offers the victim a near-death experience.

The Toshi Toshi no Mi certainly appears to be an incredible ability, and fans can only pray that it continues the same level of performance throughout the Egghead arc.

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