One Piece chapter 1097 Spoilers: Dragon's Shocking Past

One Piece Chapter 1097 is scheduled to be released at 12 a.m. JST on Monday, November 6, 2023. However, spoilers for the chapter have been revealed by Scotchinformer well in advance of this release date.

As per spoilers, The Title of One Piece chapter 1097 can be "Ginny".

The Sorbet Kingdom will be the focus of the next chapter. At that moment of time, the Sorbet Kingdom had another king who charged a high tax on the citizens to pay tribute to the World Government. Kuma is known to have eventually taken the throne in this kingdom.

However, King cleverly split his kingdom in half to reduce the amount of the heavenly tribute. One was placed outside the law, while the other was protected by the state. Kuma lived in the outlawed region.

Then, in One Piece chapter 1097, Dragon's past will be revealed, showing that he was a formal Navy member.

But after seeing that there was no actual justice in the government, Dragon left the Navy and went too far and created the Revolutionary Army.

Both Kuma and Ginny was a Revolutionary Army commander. And, there will be a twist at the end of the chapter when Dragon finds out that Ginny has been kidnapped.

Dragon is known as the most dangerous person and the world's worst criminal since he openly opposes the World Government, making him their biggest enemy.

Readers are still unaware of his Devil Fruit abilities. But it might also be revealed soon, leaving readers excited for what's to come.