The Mysterious Hachinosu, a unique island in the New World, known as a "Pirate Paradise."

The island have a unique feature, a skull-shaped structure that adds to its legendary reputation.

One of the most infamous pirate groups in One Piece, the Rocks Pirates, was established in large part because of Hachinosu.

After the God Valley Incident and death of Rocks D Xebec, Wang Zhi, also known as Ochoku, took control of the island.

Blackbeard rise to power on Hachinosu as he defeated Wang Zhi with with help from Koby during the Rocky Port Incident.

The origin of the Davy Back Fight, a classic pirate game where pirates fought to recruit the strongest crew for their ships, right here on the island.

Trafalgar Law, played a significant role in controlling the events that led to Blackbeard's control over the Pirate Island, earning him the title of "Warlord of the Sea".

The ambition of Blackbeard to make Hachinosu a nation connected with the World Government under the name "Blackbeard Kingdom."

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