From its existence, Niantic's mobile version of the hugely successful monster-catching franchise has offered a variety of exclusive Pokemon types.

Over the years, players of the smartphone game have found many bugs and unexpected effects for a game as widely popular as Pokemon GO.

Now players have discovered a strange quirk in some newly caught Pokemon: their normally white eyes have become completely crimson, or "demon eyes."

Even if the red-eyed Drilbur is most likely the result of a bug, throughout the entire game of Pokemon GO, there have been several events with unique Pokemon.

The game has frequently featured new Shiny types of Pokemon through its regular Community Day events, offering rare moves to players who evolve the spotlight Pokemon.

The 2023 Halloween event in Pokemon GO will feature two new Pokemon from the Paldea region, Greavard and Houndstone, as well as Phantump's Shiny form.

The Levincia Gym Leader Iono's signature Pokemon Bellibolt and its pre-evolved form, Tadbulb, will also be featured at the Festival of Lights event in November.

The latest red-eyed Drilbur glitch is just another highly unique Pokemon for fans of the huge mobile game.

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