Robert Pattinson's voice acting begin as the film's title character grey heron in Hayao Miyazaki's final film, The Boy and the Heron, got high praise from anime fans.

The English-language trailer for Studio Ghibli's film, which will be released in December in the US and UK, was released on Thursday, November 2, after the film's highly successful premiere in Japan earlier this year.

The amazing cast of voice actors like Robert Pattinson, Karen Fukuhara, Dave Bautista, Christian Bale, Willem Dafoe, Mark Hamill, Gemma Chan, and Florence Pugh, are featured in the animated film.

A young boy known as Mahito enters a world where the living and the dead coexist due to a desire for his mother. Where, life discovers a new beginning and death ends, an official plot line.

In the trailer, Pattinson's voice sounds incredibly twisted as the clever heron in the teaser. "Your mother is waiting for you to come to her aid. "I'll serve as your guide," he says to Mahito.

Pattinson has acted in a couple of Indie projects, like Claire Denis' sci-fi High Life (2018), the Safdie brothers' crime drama Good Time (2017), and Matt Reeves' The Batman (2022), where he played Bruce Wayne.

A semi-autobiographical fantasy, The Boy and the Heron comes from the imagination of 82-year-old Miyazaki, who co-founded Tokyo, Japan's renowned animation studio Studio Ghibli in 1985.

His new movie made 1.83 billion yen ($13.2 million/£10.1 million) on its opening weekend, the highest make in the studio's history, despite having no marketing campaign at all.

On December 8 in the US and December 26 in the UK, The Boy and the Heron is gonna released.