Scott Pilgrim Takes Off: Fans Are In Shock After Netflix Did This

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off tells a very different story than the original comic and live-action film.

Without spoilers, the new series provides a unique experience for fans of the original material, but it may not be a good starting point for new viewers.

The series gets off to a great start, but the final dispute and Scott's character arc fall short.

The journey we take in the first six episodes is actually fascinating, and it continues to keep you excited not only in the characters surrounding Scott, but also in Pilgrim himself.

However, by the final two episodes of this short eight-episode season, the risks have dramatically increased and the excited quickly fades.

As we're introduced to a created twist, it causes the series to lose all of the affection it had built up over the previous episodes.

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off has a lot to love. The series puts a new turn on a classic story and takes in new life towards wonderful world.

Although the ending is a major weakness, the series as a whole remains worth watching, thanks to the excellent art and performances.

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