The action series will soon have its own anime, with A-1 Pictures in charge of the production. People are excited about Solo Leveling's upcoming anime, and a recent report shows the IP is already seeking for its next adaptation.

After all, there seem to be talks about a live-action Solo Leveling adaptation. The information was given directly by Kwak Heaeun, creative director of D&C Webtoon, who revealed it in an interview.

A French Newspaper Linternaute reported that Heaeun revealed a Korean drama adaptation of Solo Leveling is in progress. We only know that the project is being developed at this time, and that's all about it.

It's still unclear how Solo Leveling will be executed in a live-action scenario. Due to the action series' huge dimension, a live-action Solo Leveling adaptation would require a huge amount of resources.

For the time being, fans of Solo Leveling will need to wait and see whether this TV adaptation takes place or not. Popular webtoons like Tower of God thought about live-action adaptations but eventually decided to adapt them into anime series.

We're not too far away from the release of Solo Leveling's anime, which is already in production. Still, Solo Leveling could decide, if possible, to go with a live-action.

If you don't know Solo Leveling, the manga is finished and you can read it. This action manga was launched in 2016, created by Dubu and Chugong and has since been translated into multiple languages. 

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