Fans were so excited for the Attack on Titan finale that Crunchyroll's servers crashed just before it was set to air.

Just before the final episode of the season was scheduled to air on November 5 at 5 p.m. PT, the Crunchyroll server crashed, which frustrated a lot of fans and keeping them from watching.

The issues that caused the Crunchyroll servers to crash in 2022 during Attack on Titan: The Final Season - Part 2 are being replicated in this online outage.

Even though Attack on Titan's last episode has already aired, Crunchyroll is celebrating with an event that takes place on a strange virtual cruise ship from now until November 8.

A special talk show featuring Tetsuro Araki, the director of the first three anime seasons, final season director Yuichiro Hayashi, composer Hiroyuki Sawano, and Kodansha editor Shintaro Kawakubo is part of the Worldwide After Party.

A discussion with some members of the Attack on Titan cast, such as Annie Leonhart, Mikasa Ackerman, and Eren Jaeger, will also take place.

More than 200 nations and territories, including the US, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and Latin America, have access to Crunchyroll's anime streaming service.

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