In Jujutsu Kaisen, Dagon was unique since he was one of Kenjaku's allies in his team of Curses, especially due to his extraordinary growth in comparison to those around him.

At first, Dagon was a very shy and little Cursed Womb. However, he had fully matured, and had shown a far more confident and sophisticated attitude by the time the Shibuya Incident arc took place.

He easily overcome the challenges given to him by Naobito, Nanami, Megumi, and Maki in a very short amount of time.

Dagon's extraordinary abilities root, in part, from his birth; water-related natural disasters gave birth to him, giving him the capacity to control water.

For the skilled Grade 1 sorcerers Naobito and Nanami, this caused serious difficulties on its own. But then everything went bad when Dagon released his Domain Expansion, taking everyone to a world that look like a beach.

This location may be reminding of the gathering places where Kenjaku and the curses often met in Season 1 of the JJK.

In this world, Dagon has an extremely powerful technique that makes it easier for his shikigami to hit their targets.

Dagon's Domain Expansion Explained

These liquid things materialize instantly before their intended targets, making defense strategy quite difficult. This is because the shikigami materializes instantly as they come into contact with the target.

Within his realm, Dagon executes a calculated move known as "Death Swarm," releasing a large number of shikigami monsters, each of which is equipped with an unfailing killing technique.

Dagon has the ability to use the "Horizon of the Captivating Skandha" as an attacking weapon as he becomes mature.