While Trevor Lawrence is succeeding with the Jacksonville Jaguars, Olivia is making a name for herself in volleyball.

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She joined 575 Volleyball after attending a volleyball camp at her brother's alma college.

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Olivia graduated from Cartersville Elementary School in 2021, where she was also a cheerleader.

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She was also on the honour list and was recognised for her abilities in fitness and maths.

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Trevor Lawrence is 11 years Olivia's senior and the second of three children. Chase, his older brother, grew up playing T-ball and later competitive basketball.

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Chase Lawrence graduated from Kennesaw State University with a bachelor's degree in drawing and painting. He met his wife, Brooke, who graduated from the same programme, there.

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Their athletic genes came from their parents, Jeremy and Amanda, who married in September 1994. When they were younger, they were also athletes. 

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Amanda received her master's degree in nursing science from Kennesaw State University and previously worked as a nurse at Harbin Clinic.

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Meanwhile, Jeremy works as a safety and environmental manager for Gerdau, a steel production business based in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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