Weird Spider-Man 2 glitch turned Spidey into tofu cube

Insomniac outperformed players’ high expectations with Spider-Man 2 in 2023. Despite some fans’ dissatisfaction with the ending, it has received high reviews for its new creative gameplay and improved Spider-sense.

Weird Spider-Man 2 glitch turned Spidey into tofu cube

The game was based on the success of Marvel’s Spider-Man, and it included the same popular storyline that Sony-exclusive games are known for, but this time with villains such as Venom and Kraven the Hunter.

The 2020 Miles Morales release was praised by both gamers and fans as one of the best Marvel games, but it wasn’t without glitch, including one that turned players into random objects.

One user submitted a footage of Spider-Man swinging across buildings as a tofu cube, suggesting that the transformation glitch has now spread from Miles Morales to Spider-Man 2.

Surprising “tofu cube” outfit in Spider-Man 2 through Glitch

Spider-Man was quickly transformed into a random white block by a player who hurried to share video of the incident on social media with the caption – “I ran into this bug where almost all my suits turned invisible and made Spider-Man into a white cube HELPPPPP.”

Spider-Man 2 glitch

They were surprised to learn that they weren’t the only gamer experiencing this problem and that Spider-Man and Miles Morales had a similar glitch.

“I swear the Miles Morales game had the exact same bug, but there you would transform into all different kinds of stuff,”

Marvel fans laughed and discussed whether the white cube looked most like a “tofu cube” or the “blender default cube,” but some discovered a new hope for a new Spider-Man 2 game mode: So you’re suggesting that playing prop hunt in a Spider-Man video game was completely acceptable…That MUST exist as a thing.

Despite this, some players weren’t actually bothered by the glitch and considered it entertaining in a game that many thought had beaten the previous games by including an exciting 19 iconic characters.

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